Comment pouvons-nous aider ?

  • How much does Dutch Employees charge?
    The costs usually depends on the job title, job description, and the selection process.
  • What payment options does Dutch Employees accept?
    The payment options we offer at Dutch Employees are VISA, MasterCard, PayPal, iDeal, Bitcoin, and bank transfers.
  • Can I get an invoice or a receipt?
    Yes, you can. You will receive an invoice after the candidate is hired. The payment is based on the agreed proposal.
  • What happens if the employee leaves?
    In case you have selected the Cost-Per-Hire system, it is possible to give you some refund options if the candidate leaves within 3 months. If we made you a personal deal, then you can contact us on and we will assist you with this matter.
  • How much does it cost to subscribe with Dutch Employees?
    We deal with two flexible payment options and they are as follows: 

    1- Cost-Per-Hire system: You can post your vacancy with no costs, you will only be charged when a candidate is hired. 
    2- Personal deal: We can make you a personal deal based on your preferences and the job description. 

    You can call us on +31 85 303 11 44 or email us on to discuss potential deals.